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‘Dreadnought’ Gets New Commentary Video

‘Dreadnought’ Gets New Commentary Video

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Back at E3, we had a chance to get our dirty mitts on a large-scale space combat game called Dreadnought.

Dreadnought Dreadnought Attack

Although it was the first game we played at the expo, it remained a favorite of ours throughout the three day event, and we’ve yearned for further information since.

Yager and Greybox have delivered in that regard, releasing a new commentated gameplay video that displays some of the finer points of just how tactical the game is.

A casual glance might be evocative of any other multiplayer arena game: kill as many of the other guys as you can in the allotted time (or the set limit) and die less. Done.

Dreadnought is following a growing trend of games that absolutely demand proper cooperation and communication in order to succeed. This is especially prevalent with the titular dreadnought class ships, whose slow, heavy movements require careful positioning and care to maximize their damage-dealing capabilities.

The video shows off a new dreanought model, as well, a lighter and squishier variant designed for quicker engagement, but requiring more support.

We get to see considerably more of the abilities you’ll be able to assign to your ships, as well. Different weapon types require unique positioning and collaboration, which is particularly prevalent in the dreadnought ships’ broadside shot abilities, limited to the left or right side of your ship, and with a considerably narrow aiming cone. Tactical nukes demand considerable distance from your target, while torpedoes might allow for wider-area damage and engagement from below your target.

Dreadnought Scout Corvette

It’s funny to me, because this is a game I am insanely excited for, and yet my tendency in games is to not want to associate with random people on the internet, though my experiences with Payday 2 have begun to whittle me down, as I have more and more fun experiences with strangers.

A well-executed battle plan is difficult to achieve, but immediately and significantly rewarding, and Dreadnought is the kind of game that will really test the bounds of your abilities to coordinate with your teammates. A proper tactical cruiser is necessary to keep your dreadnought flying and absorbing damage. Use an artillery cruiser to isolate and eliminate high-value targets. Destroyers can pump out lots of damage, but go down easily and must be used with extreme care. The focal point of your strategy will almost always be your dreadnought, a powerful flying tank, essentially.

Sadly, there’s still no word on a release date, which is necessitating my further research into time travel so I can play this game sooner. Keep your eyes peeled for this one soon, We might be able to nab more information from the devs during their newly scheduled AMA on Reddit, as well, which will be happening November 6th, so be sure to check in there if you have any burning questions you need addressed. For now, enjoy five minutes of high-grade strategic bliss below.

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Written by Ray Allaire -The Reasonable Gamer

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