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8 Creative Ways To Enter Irrational Games’ “Burial At Sea” Contest

8 Creative Ways To Enter Irrational Games’ “Burial At Sea” Contest

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Recently defunct powerhouse Irrational Games reached out on Thursday to fans of their most memorable series, Bioshock, offering Los Angeles-based gamers a unique opportunity. Writing on Facebook, Irrational Games invited fans to enter a social media contest to win an invite to a pre-launch event in Santa Monica. The directions for entering are as follows, 

Here are the rules on how to enter for your chance:

  1. Using Instagram or YouTubecreate and post a 15-30 second video (30 seconds max), and link it to us in the comments below or follow / tag the @IrrationalGamesaccount on Twitter or Instagram
  2. You must post your entry by March 12th at 11:59 PM EST.
  3. Within that video, tell us why you should attend the event, and what you’re most looking forward to in Burial at Sea – Episode Two. Here’s some potential scenarios:
    • Show off your BioShock collection
    • Some fan art
    • Tell us a poem

Now the directions are just vague enough to frustrate an Angeleno gamer whose thoughts are already all over the map in excitement but don’t worry. Below are some creative, easy ideas that will make you stand out.

1. Write them a heartfelt haiku.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a clever haiku is always well received. It’s unexpected and quirky and will certainly help you stand out from the sea of 15-second Instagram videos of plastic Songbird collections. I’ll even help you get started- remember the format is 5-7-5.

A Rapture for me

To finally see this game

Please please please please please

There. Maybe write two more verses. Ask them if they’re having it at the Queen Mary in one of the Art Deco Ballrooms. Look at you, you know your landmarks and iconic design periods! You’d be a delight at that party!

2&3. Get a Big Daddy Tattoo, Show them said Tattoo

Try to see if you can get on LA ink and see if Kat Von D will endorse you for the contest. That show’s still on, right? Either way, that is some serious dedication. You probably won’t ever regret it.

4. Name your Firstborn after a character

Bonus points if baby Booker already has amassed a small fortune in gambling debt. Raise your daughter as Elizabeth then wait until she’s a teenager and admit that her name might also be Anna; make sure she has truly enviable “Disney Princess” hair. Teach already-named children to respond to the trigger phrase “Would you kindly,” and use it to make sure their rooms are immaculate and that your collection of Bioshock memorabilia is always polished.

5. Enter twice by using a version of yourself from an Alternate Universe

There’s a very high probability that at least one of you will win- constants and variables, you know?

6. Build your own Underwater City

Build everything in the Art Nouveau style, it’s way more impressive. I’m not sure how one might go about the waterproofing stage and the ventilation and all that but I once saw an episode of Futurama where Fry walked around underwater with a garbage bag full of air and a crazy straw. It’s worth a shot.

I would also suggest trying to build near Venice beach- the boardwalk is weird enough that no one will pay attention to the person building a highly stylized city in the waves and the toxic water has probably mutated some fun fish friends to keep you company.

Maybe wear a protective suit of some sort.

7. Make a fully-functional Big Daddy suit

Don’t look at me like that. There was that guy who made a functioning Iron Man costume. You can totally throw one together in a week- How hard could it be?

8. Collages

There’s no profound reason for this. Collages are just fun and you’re going to need a break from building that underwater city with your new talking Dolphin best friend, Tim. Don’t let Tim help though, he’s a bit heavy-handed with the Elmer’s glue what with having flippers instead of hands.

Tim's a dab hand with Photoshop, though.

Tim’s a dab hand with Photoshop, though.

So there you have it, eight fun entrance ideas- no need to thank us. See you at the party!

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Written by Devon Henry

Writer, Nerd Queen, Trex Impersonator, Amateur Viking, Mostly Harmless

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