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Strike Vector Launches January 29th

Strike Vector Launches January 29th

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Strike Vector Concept Art_12It seems as though someone thought that mating War Thunder and Hawken (no relation) was a good idea. The offspring which was produced out of what was assuredly a very awkward affair, is every indication as to how right they were.

We’ve been following the progress of Strike Vector, an indie title from French developers Ragequit Corporation, for some time now and are happy to report the announcement of their open beta coming January 2014. While there are no shortage of air combat games to choose from on the PC, this title has a pace akin to Unreal Tournament or Quake 3 – a quality notably absent from newer multiplayer first person shooters.

Strike Vector is has a really interesting design as it’s a hybrid first/third person shooter and air combat game. The player pilots ships called Vectors which have two modes which you can transform between on the fly:  jet or hover mode. While it may sound simple, it’s difficult to put into words the thrill of zipping amongst obstacles only to pause to blast a few targets then jet away. It’s a wonder why more things don’t transform in video games these days. Seriously, watch this.

To say this game is fast paced is an understatement. Even from this early look the game perspires polish and immersion, definitely not something we’d expect for a small team of nine developers over a mere 15 months. Nevertheless the results are looking more than promising. It looks as though the team is squeezing every bit out of the Unreal Engine 3 and it’s coming along incredibly to say the least. The vectors design have a hand built quality to them and environments look as stunning as they are suitable.


Vectors will feature customizable classes with weapon load outs and skills promising hundreds of possible combinations. Switching between viewpoints reveals a detailed cockpit giving you the option of first person perspective from the inside of your ship. The devs have announced that players will even be able to customize the look of their vectors and cockpits. When phrases like that are thrown around it makes us wonder how it plans to handle in-game items and progression. The great news here is that Ragequit Corporation has already stated that beyond the unannounced price of the title itself, there will be no micro-transactions, or DLC – all updates and new content will be available to all for free. This is quite refreshing to hear as it’s very easy for small studios with multiplayer centric titles to fall to the allure of cash shops for items, cosmetic or otherwise.

The game will constantly grow with FREE DLCs. Ragequit Corporation will bring new maps, new amazing modes and many other surprises… No premium versions, no micro-payments, no costly DLCs! All of that will be free for players.

As of today Strike Vector has been greenlit on Steam and Ragequit Corporation has promised and open beta this month and a full release in early 2014. Initially it will release exclusively on PC with plans to expand onto other platforms in the future. We’re hoping that down the road VR will be implemented as Strike Vector would be a perfect use for this emerging technology. We can’t wait for the prospect of getting absolutely nauseous as we zip through levels while popping vectors left and right.  We’ll announce details as they emerge as we see a ton of potential in titles which effectively melds the old-school and the new.

Check out our full review.

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Written by Bill Hawken

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