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‘Rise Of The Tomb Raider’ Announced By Square Enix And Crystal Dynamics

‘Rise Of The Tomb Raider’ Announced By Square Enix And Crystal Dynamics

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Square Enix finally got into the mix during Microsoft’s Press Conference earlier today and announced Rise of the Tomb Raider, sequel to the fairly popular reboot of the Tomb Raider series.

The trailer doesn’t show much, but the goal is clear: Lara is still in a state of flux, coming to terms with her traumatic experiences from before and adapting to them, growing as a result. She’s becoming more and more like the Lara she was “meant to be” (the Lara most of us already knew before this), so the theme from the first game is certainly carrying through here. I’m a little concerned, it really does look like more of the same, but the last one was decent, and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and all that. If they can tune things up, and maybe focus a little more, the potential is there, but prepare yourself for more people citing the game with some kind of agenda about the state of the portrayal of female protagonists in video games again.

Check out the trailer below which, while not particularly informative, is at least cool to watch.

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Written by Ray Allaire -The Reasonable Gamer

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