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Kickstarter For Alien Apocalypse Simulator “The Hum” Now Up!

Kickstarter For Alien Apocalypse Simulator “The Hum” Now Up!

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It seems like there’s nary a week that goes by these days without a new promising in-development game to fund on Kickstarter. This week brings the beginning of the campaign for The Hum, a post-alien-apocalypse horror title.

The Hum's Kickstarter Promo Image

Last month, I introduced the second gorgeous trailer for indie developer Thotwise’s The Hum, which readers will recall promises to be skin-crawlingly atmospheric, and has some of the most gorgeous concept art out there. Both the threatening aliens and post-apocalyptic world we’ve seen in the trailers thus far seem crafted in the spirit of loving detail, and the passion of lead designer Ariel Arias is clear. Thotwise promises, “We want The Hum to be different from those cloned shooters, jump scary games and “walking” simulators”—while we’ve yet to see any gameplay, the concept intrigues.

The Hum Concept Art from Kickstarter

Those of us excited for The Hum and hoping for it to be the best experience it possibly can will now be able to help out in that department, by contributing to its Kickstarter‘s sizable goal of $250,000 (in NZD—that’s roughly 212,000 USD). The campaign will run through September 30th, and the funds will go toward supporting the development team while they carry out their vision to create a thoroughly polished game; adding new programmers, sound artists, and voice actors; implementing server-based procedural generation; and adding support for additional platforms. A contribution of just 25 NZD—approximately 21 USD—will net you a full copy of the game when it releases.

More information about The Hum can be found on its Kickstarter page and official website. Keep an eye out for the upcoming assets mini-build demo, which will be available for both Oculus and PC. Thotwise plans to release The Hum in late 2015, with a beta and potentially some other form of early access available before then. It has already been Greenlit for Steam.

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Written by Kathryn "Katespurr" Cwynar

Silent Hill escapee, friend to Little Sisters, leader of the Grey Wardens, Lalafellin hero of Eorzea, catcher of Espurrs. Also, I write about videogames.

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