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Keiji Inafune Shows off Mighty No. 9 Early Alpha

Keiji Inafune Shows off Mighty No. 9 Early Alpha

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We’ve been following the Mighty No. 9 project since it’s Kickstarter raised millions. With Capcom giving the cold shoulder to the the blue bomber, fans have flocked to this spiritual successor in hopes of satisfying their Megaman cravings. Recently, video of Inafune playing a very early alpha surfaced. While gameplay shown is very minimal, it does show off huge amount of influence this title has taken from the iconic Megaman series.

For those who’ve just emerged from the rock they’ve been under, Mighty No. 9 is an upcoming title from Comcept, a Japanese indie studio headed up by original Megaman/Capcom developer Keiji Inafune. His team consists of veteran Capcom developers who worked on everything from original Megaman titles to Street Fighter, Darkstalkers and The Legend of Zelda.

While we’re only privy to a small amount of in-game footage it already looks like Comcept is doing a fantastic job in bottling the magic that made Megaman a fan favorite for generations. We highly recommend keeping an eye on this title for anyone looking to fill the Megaman void in their lives, as it’s obvious it won’t be coming from Capcom.

There’s tons of details floating around the web regarding specifics to the title. In fact, Inafune used his talk at DICE 2014 to unveil Might No. 7, the final character left to be revealed as reported by CVG.

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Written by Bill Hawken

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