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‘Destiny’ Writer Heads To Telltale To Help Pen ‘Game Of Thrones’

‘Destiny’ Writer Heads To Telltale To Help Pen ‘Game Of Thrones’

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Ahead of the release of a game we’re surprisingly excited to playDestiny writer Joshua Rubin has departed Bungie and headed over to Telltale to start work on the upcoming episodic Game of Thrones game.

It wasn’t a bitter affair, or anything of the sort, it would seem. Rubin exchanged a few emails with Gamasutra, citing that he was quite happy with the work that had been done on Destiny by the entire team. In the end, however, it would seem that a game predicated solely on introducing bullets into organic matter without so much as a “how d’you do?” doesn’t make for the kind of connection that you can get with a more involved story like those that Westeros tends to offer.

Rubin has also worked on other big-named titles and studios: he was the lead writer at EA Visceral, spent some time with Capcom, he also played a part in the creation of the script for Assassin’s Creed II, a game which was nominated for a Video Game Writing Award back in 2010.

We can take several comforts from this: Destiny was in good hands, and Game of Thrones is going to be in similarly capable ones. Telltale has a track record of serious excellence in this regard, and for them to put such a high-profile game in the hands of someone like this will likely be very good news for all of us.

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Written by Ray Allaire -The Reasonable Gamer

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