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Amazon Purchases Developers Double Helix

Amazon Purchases Developers Double Helix

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Amazon.com is inching it’s way further into the video game industry with its recent acquisition of developer Double Helix, a California based developer known for reboots like Killer Instinct on the Xbox One and the forthcoming Strider remake.  Some may say this news is further fueling rumors that Amazon is poised to release its own Ouya-like console for its vast library of Android games, nothing has yet to be set in stone.

The choice to release an Android based console make sense for the fulfillment giant as its Kindle marketplace already has a very healthy selection of titles. What will be interesting to see is if amazon.com can succeed where Ouya fell short. It also begs the question of whether or not Android titles really need a console with an abundance of hardware options already available. Even Amazon’s own development studio, the appropriately named Amazon Game Studios has failed to gain any real traction since its launch in 2012.

While we’re simply speculating here, we imagine that Amazon is looking find success with exclusive releases for their console. As we’ve all seen from the generally quiet launch of Microsoft and Sony’s newest hardware entries that console launches are only as strong as the games available.

Amazon has not said much about the acquisition besides Double Helix playing a big role “as part of our ongoing commitment to build innovative games for customers.” We’re excited to see what future holds for Amazon’s impact on the industry and if the new console can compete with Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.

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Written by Bill Hawken

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