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Try to stay on a morphing race track in ‘Kaasua’

Try to stay on a morphing race track in ‘Kaasua’

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A game doesn’t need to be an elaborate box office affair or Steam and console-compatible to be enjoyable. Kaasua is living proof of that. This small and simplistic release from developer Robber Docks is a Unity-based racing game that is playable for free through the website Kongregate. Kaasua isn’t a traditional racing game, and offers up a unique twist that gives the release a lot of replayability, even if it doesn’t feature much content.

There are no vehicles to purchase or unlock, and you won’t find yourself traveling to exotic racing locations. In stead, you’ll choose from one of eight box-shaped vehicles that sport different colors. There are no complex control schemes to learn — in fact, you’ll only need to use one button to experience Kaasua. You can choose this button when selecting your car, and pushing it down will allow your car to accelerate. The longer you hold the button, the faster you will move, and you will only slow down if you stop pressing for a moment. This one-button scheme allows up to eight people to play locally from one PC (although the keyboard can get a bit crowded depending on what buttons you choose).

What makes Kaasua such a unique and entertaining party-game experience is the undulating track. There is only one raceway, a traditional road surrounded by striped “walls” and drifting endlessly among clouds and palm trees. The only camera angle is a top down view, but you’ll be thankful for this angle as the track begins to move. During each race, the track is constantly shifting and bending beneath your vehicle. Straightaways will turn into sharp corners and bendy sections will glide gently into linear shapes. All of this is happening while you and your friends (or AI opponents) are racing as fast as possible to reach the finish line.

Kaasua Racing Track

Things get very tricky, as Kaasua uses a Mario Kart-type road system in which you can easily find yourself flying off the racetrack and into dark blue endlessness. Those of you who have proudly conquered Rainbow Road may find your hands full with Kaasua’s unforgiving terrain. This release is made a bit more difficult by the fact that you cannot steer your vehicle. All of the steering is done automatically, so controlling your speed is key to ensuring you complete a lap without any mishaps. It’s important to note that the vehicle will not instantly slow down, meaning you can’t just barrel full speed into a corner and expect the steering to coast you to victory. You’ll need to keep close tabs on how fast you’re moving when you near a turn, which is all the more difficult when the track is actively changing.

Kaasua is a well-designed, simplistic, and small party game that can provide a lot of fun for you and a group of friends. It’s proof that any game, no matter the complexity, can be entertaining and innovative. If you’re interested in trying out Kaasua for yourself, be sure to head over to the dedicate page on Kongregate. For more information regarding the project, and other releases by Robber Docks, check out the developer website here. You can also follow development news on Twitter and Kongregate.

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Written by Russ Boswell

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