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There’s A Goat Simulator On Steam And You Need To Know About It

There’s A Goat Simulator On Steam And You Need To Know About It

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Ladies and gentlemen, the future of gaming is here.

History books will mark its arrival as March 27, 2014- the day the trailer for Steam’s Goat Simulator dropped. With graphics that seem a few years late to the party, it truly is a thing a beauty.

Actual Masterpiece, "Goat Simulator"

Actual Masterpiece, “Goat Simulator”

The trailer itself is only one minute and eleven seconds long and plays like a send-up to the original Dead Island trailer, but that’s really all gamers need to see to know that this is a game worth playing.

For those who may not know, Goat Simulator is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Gamers play as a goat wreaking havoc in an unnamed city complete with headbutting, arson and rockets. Needless to say, people are un-baahh-lievably excited.

Games are getting more and more impressive- better graphics, fully realized characters, complex storylines. We are living in a time when game design is getting recognized as an art form. And there is something truly satisfying about the mindless glee that accompanies flying a goat with a jetpack into a gas station. When it comes to mindless farm animal mayhem, Goat Simulator delivers in a major way.


Put out by Coffee Stain Studios, the game is currently available on instant early-access on http://www.goat-simulator.com  right now and hit the Steam on April 1 complete with Steam Workshop Support so gamers can make their own crazy goats and levels.

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Written by Devon Henry

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