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SIMS 4 At E3: Full Of Life

SIMS 4 At E3: Full Of Life

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3D on the inside.

That’s what The Sims 4, one of the most important new games from developer Electronic Arts, is claiming to be. And based on first looks at the Electronic Expo (E3) tradeshow in Los Angeles today, the game delivers.

“This is The Sims that I’ve always dreamed of,” exclaimed producer Ryan Vaughan (Tweet at him here: @SimGuruRyan). “More powerful than ever,” he said while choosing his character’s traits during the first of many presentations he’ll give over the course of the three-day expo. “These Sims have rich emotions that you get to control. The characters are tactile.”

Sims 4, might likewise make Electronic Arts even richer than they already are (having sold more than 175 million copies as of September 2013), representing a major revamp of the game engine. If EA handles this launch correctly The Sims 4 will likely be one of its major sellers for years.

The game takes on a life of its own– one that is not so much about having the game tell you how the other avatars feel, but allowing and seeing Sims come to life themselves.

“Sim watching,” Vaughan calls it, claiming that, “In the newest version a Sim’s inside is just as important as their outside.”

Your Sim can be given a specific walk, aspirations (like knowledge, or computer whiz), as well as active and social traits (bro being one of them). All of these decisions inform the outcome of the game. Players can even leverage their Sim’s emotional state to build skills. For instance, if your Sim is angry he can do push-ups to build his athletic skill.

Vaughan, with producer Graham Nardone (@SimGuruGraham), excitedly shared their new creation, in which both men bro’ed down, threw a party with Chuck Norris, and died face down in a puddle of Kim Jong-Un’s urine– just a day in the life of  Simmer.

Beyond that, the newest and perhaps most exciting feature for fans will be the Gallery Feature, which completely changes the way players interact with Build Mode. Unlike before, players do not have to exit the game to access galleries; all build functionality is built-in. Add a house, add a character, share individual rooms even, it’s all there, just a click away. Only hitch: you’ll have to wait until September 2nd to experience it.

The Sims 4 by Electronic Arts. Release date: September 2nd, 2014. 

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Written by Arianna Schioldager

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