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Reshape reality and bring color to the world in puzzle platformer ‘Hue’

Reshape reality and bring color to the world in puzzle platformer ‘Hue’

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Creating something new and exciting is a rather difficult task in the modern age. We’ve entered a time in which almost every game is in some way a variant of a previously released adventure. As each year passes, we’re greeted with a slew of indie games and large production titles. The gaming world has grown so much in past decades that one could make an argument that every new title to hit store shelves is an homage to something from gaming past. That still hasn’t stopped some developers from trying their hardest to twist the envelope and bring forth new experiences. This is the case with Hue, a platforming puzzle game from developer Fiddlesticks Games.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen platformers and puzzlers bound together. Limbo, Ori and the Blind Forest, Fez, and Braid, are just a few successful examples. But Hue is taking a vastly different approach to the genre. Rather than adhere to the category, developers set forth to craft an experience that is a living and breathing personification of itself. Hue isn’t just a platforming title where you leap across ledges and operate switches. It’s a beautiful storyline wrapped in a blanket of color, a world in which varying tones physically shape reality. The developer did a great job in introducing story elements and gameplay mechanics that aren’t just set pieces, but ultimately dictate the direction in which the story flows.

You’ll play as Hue, a young hero on a difficult journey through a colorful world. Hue’s mother has crafted an amazing ring that allows people of her world to see and alter perception of color. After she goes missing, Hue manages to find her creation and embarks on a quest to locate his mother. The denizens of this realm live in a black and white world, similar to that of Limbo, and have no idea that there is a world of color hidden out of view. When wearing the ring, Hue can see these colors and can freely alter the background to whatever shade he wants. This story element makes up the main gameplay mechanic for Hue, and perfectly blends puzzle and platforming elements. The world of color is filled to the brim with mysterious objects and obstacles, which will disappear when the background color matches their own. By changing to varying colors, Hue will be able to unlock hidden doorways and reach new heights.

Unfortunately, the world of color is also marred with dangers. There are spiked pits, falling platforms, and angry skull-shaped blocks just waiting to crash down on you. Developers were sneaky in crafting levels which require you to use your newfound power quickly and effectively to traverse danger. The “color wheel” can be accessed at any time, and there will be many instances in which you have to quickly switch back and forth between colors to make progress within a level. Thankfully, time manages to slow down dramatically when the wheel is used, giving you enough time to switch to an appropriate color. However, this slow-down doesn’t last forever, so you’ll need to plan ahead if you want to successfully conquer each area. The gameplay is fast-paced and can be hectic at times, but there is huge entertainment value and accomplishment to be found in the colorful levels of Hue.

This is easily one of the best puzzle platforming titles we’ve seen in past years. Hue is not something to be ignored, and is an experience that everyone should enjoy. Even if puzzle games and platformers aren’t something you generally enjoy, there is a lot of visual beauty and story prowess to admire. I would highly recommend picking up this release and giving it a shot. I haven’t had such an enjoyable puzzle-platforming experience since Limbo, and Hue offers a lot more in terms of brain-teasing.

Hue is available right now on Steam, as well as Xbox One and PS4. It will be making its way to Vita in the near future. If you’re interested in getting more information regarding this colorful quest, be sure to check out the dedicated website here. You can also keep up with developer Fiddlesticks Games by checking out their website, as well as following them on Twitter and Facebook.

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Written by Russ Boswell

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