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PopCap To Launch New Peggle Title

PopCap To Launch New Peggle Title

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It seems like only yesterday that we were presented with a brand new Peggle playground, but according to Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson, a brand new Peggle title is just around the corner. The CEO outed the upcoming title during a recent earnings call, stating that the newest release was “moving through a test period in preparation for launch.” This could hint that the potential release is much closer than we assume.

The ball-dropping, peg-hitting action that we have all come to love and appreciate was recently rebooted when developers released Peggle 2 on Xbox One, back at the end of 2013. Approximately six months later, the title came to the Xbox 360, and received much praise on both platforms from a variety of critics. For those unfamiliar, Peggle is a casual puzzle/action game in which you drop bright colorful orbs down pegged boards. A specific number of pegs must be removed from each level, and you are usually limited to a certain number of orbs.

Peggle 2 Horse Character Screen

Peggle has been applauded for its impressive art styling, humorous character design, and its simple yet addictive gameplay. The newest title will certainly be a highly anticipated affair, although some gamers did have their quarrels with Peggle 2, specifically regarding the “lack of a same screen multiplayer mode” at launch. It is important to note that PopCap reintroduced this mode at a later date, but it was met with some ire as gamers complained it was too difficult to maneuver compared to its predecessor.

Regardless of any gameplay hiccups, we can expect to see an entirely new cast of curious characters, and perhaps some familiar faces, when PopCap’s newest installment hits store shelves.

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Written by Russ Boswell

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