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‘Moustache Mountain’ offers cheap plaforming fun and local multiplayer

‘Moustache Mountain’ offers cheap plaforming fun and local multiplayer

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There is nothing more majestic and pure than the bond shared between a moustache and its owner. It may only be a small strip of hair on an individual’s upper lip, but for some, a moustache is a way of life. Perhaps you aren’t the kind of person to make such a big fuss over facial hair, although it’s important to note that there are some people who would climb to dizzying heights for the perfect ‘stache. A new indie release from developer Nauris Amatnieks is proof of this circumstance. Moustache Mountain places you into the shoes of an antsy moustache enthusiast that has learned of the existence of a powerful moustache gel. This prized artifact has the potential to create a most wondrous moustache, but you won’t find it simply laying around in a department store.

The great guardians of the moustache gel hid their powerful potion at the top of the tallest sky-moutain. A series of floating platforms that stretch high above the clouds create a dangerous path to prickly-lipped providence. It’s up to you to use your impressive jumping skills to navigate the rocky trenches. The journey is fast-paced and filled with a slew of dangerous life-ending obstacles. If the heights don’t kill you, the razor-sharp spikes, spinning blades, and hidden traps will. It takes a certain amount of jumping prowess and cunning to surpass the abundant obstructions that block your path. Levels can be a bit difficult at first, but once you understand how the physics work, you’ll be conquering the sky-mountain in no time.

The gameplay for Moustache Mountain plays a lot like Super Meat Boy. Your character moves swiftly, leaps high into the air, and has a great amount of agility. You can kick off of walls to keep yourself elevated, allowing you to quickly turn in the air and successfully land seemingly-impossible jumps. Wall-jumping is a very important element to Moustache Mountain, and mastering how it works is one of the major keys to victory. Many levels will force you to wall-jump off very tiny sections of wall or small edges of platform. This can be a tough road for anyone who hasn’t played this style of platformer before, but after a small chunk of agonizing deaths you should find yourself rather comfortable with how things work.

Moustache Mountain offers up an interesting and entertaining chunk of gameplay for a very low price point. The release isn’t without its flaws, however. For one, there isn’t much of a story to be found. All we really know is that you’re playing as a moustache-hungry adventurer who’s in search of a mystical moustache gel. Aside from that, we don’t get much in terms of story. The game does present you with a small tutorial during the first level, but narration ceases to exist afterward. The gameplay makes up for the lack of a tale rather well; unfortunately, it doesn’t last nearly as long as one would think. According to the game features listed on Steam, Moustache Mountain offers up fifteen levels of randomly-generated fun. This promises an added layer of replayability, as no two experiences will be the same. Unfortunately, this random generation isn’t done procedurally. Each level in Moustache Mountain has been premade, and the only randomness you will encounter is the order in which each level is placed. Starting a new playthrough will jumble up which stages you encounter along the way, which doesn’t offer up as much replayability as suggested.

It is important to note that Moustache Mountain costs only $1.99; still, there is a rather severe lack of content even at that price. Dearth of content aside, this indie release features neat 2D graphics, a unique soundtrack, and rather-entertaining gameplay. You can even race against a friend using a local multiplayer function. If you’re interested in getting more information about Moustache Mountain, be sure to check out the release right now on Steam. You can also follow the developer on Twitter for any subsequent updates.

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Written by Russ Boswell

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