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Meet The MMOFPS, Destiny. Enjoy.

Meet The MMOFPS, Destiny. Enjoy.

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While you start the game with a basic automatic rifle, there’s a wide variety of weapons to suit your playstyle, including weapons of the same “type” with different characteristics. There are three weapon slots: primary weapons, special weapons, and heavy weapons. All of these also have a number of stats to consider: range, rate of fire, impact, reload speed, to name a few.

Primary weapons are your more common and basically functional guns. Automatic rifles can be mid-ranged suppression weapons, or high-RoF, low accuracy quick responders. Scout rifles are a happy medium between automatics and sniper rifles, featuring higher damage per round and semi-automatic firing mechanisms. There are also burst rifles that fire in three-round bursts that can deal surprising damage if you can keep them under control. Revolvers reward the calm and collected player with highly-damaging rounds with small magazines and long reload times.

Special weapons are decidedly more situational, but are often more bombastic in the process. Shotguns and sniper rifles fit into this category, along with some more awesome options like Fusion Rifles, which require a brief moment to spool up before unleashing a small barrage of high-damage, short-range projectiles in a moderate grouping, leading to high damage to a single target, or tearing through multiple weak ones.

The last type of weapon you unlock are the heavy weapons, rarely used yet impressive damage-dealers with limited ammunition. This is also the most limited category thus far: currently available so far are machine guns capable of throwing considerable damage downrange or rocket launchers which…require little explanation.

Destiny Alpha Menu

All these different stats make the weapons easy to identify uses for and do feel true to their meters. Many auto rifles are low impact/low recoil weapons, and their quiet plinking stays on target with fair ease, but enemies will wade through those shots without much of a reaction. Shotguns are high-impact weapons that kick like horses (seriously, it’s am impressive muzzle jump), but you can toss small enemies back or stop large ones in their tracks with a well-placed shell. I’m particularly taken with revolvers in the game, nailing a headshot at a reasonable distance is immensely satisfying, and clearing a room of five enemies in five rounds even more so.

Rare weapons and other equipment can also introduce other unique abilities to your character. My most recent acquisition is an auto rifle in which the bottom half of the magazine deals additional damage compared to the top. Some might have vastly increased power of the final bullet in the mag, or a faster reload on an empty magazine. Others deal special elemental damage like solar damage to ignite foes, arc damage for area-of-effect, or void damage that is created by a local gravity well. Armor might increase your overall strength or allow headshots to reduce cooldowns and the like.

The system isn’t without a few flaws. The listed stats encompass some important parts of a gun’s behavior, but there’s no accuracy rating for weapons (I suppose it could be effectively rolled into range? Maybe?), and the “attack power” listed appears to be more of a generalized rating of damage output which can be difficult to decipher. A revolver and a pulse rifle of equivalent attack power ratings have drastically different per-round damage values and indeed damage-over-time values. It may be worth revisiting the stats displayed to players for their weapons.

You’ll utilize all this equipment in a variety of short-burst story missions, PvP matches in the Crucible, a sort of free-roaming Explore mode, or cooperative “Strikes” which are the equivalent of MMO dungeons and raids. You can get rewards for completing various missions and Strikes or in loot chests hidden in the world.

Destiny Fallen Enemy

Your enemies aren’t quite your standard, either. Enemies possess notable intelligence and variety. The Fallen will employ tactics to have heavy Vandals pepper you with fire to keep you in cover, while disposable Dregs run around a flank to flush you out. They’ll try to find protection when they come under fire and actively avoid dangerous powers and the like, as well. There are also some…familiar invisible enemies with swords attached to their arms.

The Hive, another alien race you’ll encounter, are decidedly more direct. Acolytes harass you with accurate fire while Thralls charge you down in swarms, backed by hulking Knights with highly damaging wide-range melee and Wizards floating around unleashing explosive shots while protected by shields.

Other MMO qualities leak into the game, as well. Rare items need to be identified at the social hub areas, along with purchasing new weapons and armor—including legendary weapons that can be purchased with special reputation bonuses much like MMO battlegrounds do.

All these are wrapped up in what might be one of the most beautiful packages I’ve seen in gaming in ages. Bungie spared no time or expense making the already fairly large environment feel even more massive than it already is.

This is more than your traditional sci-fi dystopian future. The rusted metal hulks dotting the landscape are constantly dotted with alien threats ready to do you in. Crashed ships and old planes lay destroyed as vegetation is slowing retaking the landscape. Small cave systems hide caches of old non-functional electronics (and more hiding aliens).

Weapon models appear both functional and elegant. Though your HUD displays things like ammunition counts and such, these are also often displayed on the weapon itself, and the weapons all sport looks that just feel like what they do, you can pick up a weapon and equip it without reading its description and still have a general idea of how that weapon will function.

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Written by Ray Allaire -The Reasonable Gamer

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