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‘Marrow’ is a truly unsettling 2D sidescrolling adventure into madness

‘Marrow’ is a truly unsettling 2D sidescrolling adventure into madness

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I love the month of October here in the United States. The blistering heat of summer is finally dying down, replaced by cool, crisp, fall days. Leaves are changing on the trees and making way for the beautiful snowy landscapes of winter. The changing of seasons is a visually stunning time, and we’re entering a gauntlet of joy-filled holidays. But these are just some of the reasons I enjoy October. The real reason I’m so enamored with this particular month is because I love all things horror. October brings with it Halloween, a spooktacular time filled to the brim with monstrous forms of entertainment. Halloween is a great springboard for Indie developers to launch their latest additions to the horror genre. Case in point: Marrow, an upcoming horror-themed release from developer Fever Dream Gameworks.

Marrow Monster Jump

Marrow tasks you with finding your lost friends and bringing them home. Unfortunately, to do so you’ll need to travel to a mysterious mountain. Venturing out to a towering landscape on your own is enough cause for concern, but what awaits within the mountain itself is far more terrifying than anything you could possibly imagine. The mountain itself is much more than a massive mound of dirt and rocks. It’s actually a burial site, and what lies within will terrorize you as you stumble through winding tunnels for your friends.

The inward terrain wasn’t always surrounded by jagged peaks. In fact, the area within the mountain used to be a bustling community. But something happened, something so dark and sinister that the Earth itself climbed upward to seal the darkness inside. Within the mangled mess of a once normal “town,” you’ll face a slew of abominations, creepy creatures, and criminal psychopaths bent on ending your life. Your desire to find your friends is the only thing that can keep you warm and safe inside this land of hellish design.

Marrow is filled to the brim with interesting puzzle elements, quick platforming sections, and fast-paced side-scrolling combat. There is actually quite a bit to see and do within the confines of the mountain. You won’t find yourself simply slipping through winding tunnels and rock-laden hallways. There are still many remnants of former locations buried deep within the ground. Things will seem surreal at times as you make your way through the husk of a once-lively town. A tall and expansive manor  can be found amidst the rocks and a frightening crypt is waiting to be explored. These are just a few of the locations you’ll find yourself stranded in. As you descend further into the mountain you’ll discover that the town was simply foreshadowing to a much more sinister series of locations.

Marrow has a very retro feeling to it. The visuals are pixelated in a sense, but offer enough detail to serve up some truly unsettling eye candy. The creatures you encounter move with their own horrific personalities and strike fear with their misshapen and mangled appearances. What truly shines out for this release are the sound effects and musical scores. This is the type of game that is best enjoyed with headphones, and you’ll want to completely immerse yourself in all of the heart-wrenching and terrifying sounds that Marrow has to offer. The soundtrack itself features a series of themes that are unnerving, and rattle at your soul with high-pitched tones and waning notes. The monsters you encounter all have their own unique “battle cries” that let you know when danger is near. Add this to the eerie and alarming environmental sound effects, and Marrow is a fright-fest for the ears.

Marrow is expected to drop sometime closer to Halloween 2016 and has already been Steam Greenlit by a horror-hungry community. If you’re interested in getting more information regarding Marrow, be sure to check out its page on IndieDB. You can also follow developer Fever Dream Gameworks on Faccebook, Youtube, and Twitter for any future updates concerning the title.

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Written by Russ Boswell

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