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Legend of Korra at Comic-Con

Legend of Korra at Comic-Con

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The Legend of Korra game got some positive press at Comic-Con recently as fans were treated to some of the first gameplay footage via a short demo. As a digital download title the game turned a few heads and also dispelled some of the worries that skeptics may have had about the game.

Platinum fans should have no problem identifying the game’s playstyle as it is notably similar to other Platinum titles such as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (as many initially thought it might).

The gameplay footage shows off the ease at which players will be able to switch between bending styles and fly right into combos. The fighting itself looks silky smooth and the animations flowed together quite nicely very similar to the fast paced martial arts of the show. Various techniques were on display as Korra flew around Ozai style bending fire from here feet and zipped around on an air sphere as well. It certainly seems as though Platinum has taken some of what they’ve learned from Metal Gear Rising to improve upon their formula and make their Legend of Korra title an extremely satisfying gameplay experience.

Upon starting the game one of the first thing players are going to notice are the three different difficulty settings ranging from casual to extreme. The Legend of Korra may seem like a bit of a departure from Platinum’s usual games and while that may be true they’re aiming to make the game as enjoyable as possible to all types of fans. Casual difficulty for a younger audience or fans of the show who want a more story driven experience with normal and extreme difficulties providing a very “Platinum” feel to the combat and gameplay.

Legend of Korra Difficulties

The game’s not all cookie-cutter combat though as players also get some time riding around on the avatar’s loyal polarbear-dog Naga and can enjoy the pro-bending arena to experience some more sport-like fun. These sections help to mix up the gameplay and keep the player on their toes as they progress.

As for the graphics and visuals, the game doesn’t disappoint. For the extremely picky out there you might notice that it may not be the most pristine of cell shading but at the same time it does a fantastic job of doing what it was intended; looking like the show. The game does a solid job of bringing the hand drawn feel to the backgrounds and environments and the characters are beautiful recreations of their television counterparts that are impossible not to recognize.

Easily the most positive thing about the visuals though is the way it pulls you into the game. Everything, from the electricity sparking off the equalist mechs to the way the water bending strikes curve, looks exactly how you’d expect. There’s always room for improvement but it’s gone a long way toward making this digital title an immersive experience that avatar fans have been waiting for.

Legend of Korra Airbending Sphere

The game itself is a single player title that is expected to be priced lower than a typical retail game. As a digital download title though it’s also expected to be a bit shorter than a normal game, possibly somewhere around four hours. That may sound like a bit of a downside but the game attempts to make up for this with features designed to extended gameplay and encourage replayability. The different difficulties being one of those features and the others being the unlocking of Korra’s full bending potential as the avatar within the game as well as the pro-bending arena. Pro-bending being the series’ popular in universe sport.

Licensed titles aren’t exactly Platinum’s normal M.O. so fans might be wondering if this is something we might expect more of in the future. Obviously, the Legend of Korra title isn’t out yet and how well it does is likely going to influence future decisions, especially being a digital title. However, Platinum seems to have suggested that they’re in it for the fans and if there’s enough of a outcry for something, Platinum is listening.

Fans of the Avatar universe haven’t had the best track record with quality titles so this promising gameplay was quite the relief to those who want to have some glimpse of what it’s like to play in this fantastic world. The Legend of Korra game by Platinum is still set for a fall release on PC, Xbox one, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4. As for the 3DS version, we’re still looking for a bit more information.

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