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‘Devil Daggers’ is punishing — yet strangely addicting

‘Devil Daggers’ is punishing — yet strangely addicting

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Lately, it’s not often that a title surprises me. Perhaps it’s a product of spending decades playing games, or the fact that so many games are cranked out each year in the modern age. For whatever reason, it’s rare that a particular title manages to astonish with its gameplay. It’s because of this that I played Devil Daggers with the same jaded expectations. From the outside, it looked no different than most indie shooter releases I’d seen recently. But after spending a little time with Devil Daggers, I’m rather happy to admit that it managed to shock me. The shock stems not from fear, or revolutionary genre-changing implementations, but the fact that this release packs a powerful punch through simplistic graphics and gameplay elements.

At first glance, Devil Daggers looks and feels a lot like a casual game. There is no purpose — other than survival. No intense storyline to immerse yourself in, and you won’t be embarking on any long-winded quests. It’s important to understand though, that Devil Daggers is as far from a casual gaming experience as you can get. It’s a fast paced, heart-racing, adrenaline-inducing, shooting nightmare. It’s you versus hordes of demonic creatures in an arena that stretches endlessly into a pitch black abyss. It may only be an endless horde-mode topped by a leaderboard, but Devil Daggers managed to get under my skin and had me racing back for more each time I met my demise. I’m not usually one to spend my time practicing over and over, but Devil Daggers had me stuck like glue. It’s crazy how something so simplistic had me so focused on achieving leaderboard supremacy.

There is only one goal in Devil Daggers. You’re simply meant to survive. Armed only with a magical dagger attack, it’s up to you to make your way through an endless horde of enemies. Holding a left click will send an endless stream of  magical dagger projectiles at your foe. This concentrated stream is perfect for targeting specialized red weak-spots on each monster. You’ll need to hit these targets quickly and accurately if you hope to eliminate the opposing forces as fast as possible. Right clicking on the mouse will send out a wider spread shotgun-like projectile attack. This is better for eliminating groups of smaller enemies, but there is a longer delay between each shot. Mastering which weapon to use when is one key to victory. The second key to victory is to move as much as possible. Standing still is a death sentence in the Devil Dagger arena. Even a moment’s rest will see you devoured by a horde of enemies.

The beasts in Devil Daggers have the ability to strike you down with a single swipe, meaning one tiny touch from any of the baddies will end your run and force you to start all over. Thankfully, enemies come out in predetermined waves, allowing you to calculate the best course of action. There is honor in defeat, and each time you are destroyed, you’ll come back stronger and more knowledgeable. Still, even with the ability to remember enemy attack patterns and spawn rates, Devil Daggers is far from a walk in the park. It’s a difficult, stressful affair that will get your heart pumping and keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s one of those games that punishes you, but somehow keeps you coming back for more abuse each time.

If you’re interested in getting more information regarding Devil Daggers, be sure to check out the dedicated website here. You can push yourself to the limit and feel the pain right now by grabbing this release on Steam.

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Written by Russ Boswell

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