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Craft a ‘Doom’-esque campaign in ‘Gunscape’

Craft a ‘Doom’-esque campaign in ‘Gunscape’

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Anyone who grew up playing games in the 1980s and 1990s is probably very familiar with games like Doom, Wolfenstein, and Duke Nukem. These titles arguably paved the way for the modern shooter, laying the groundwork for both single-player and multiplayer firearms-based combat. In the modern age, we’ve seen a lot of reboots and remakes of these titles, with vastly upgraded visuals and impressive new gameplay elements. Still, there was a certain magic to those flat graphics, pixelated enemies, and fuzzy-looking backdrops of yesteryear. Thankfully, there is still at least one developer who shares a special adoration for shooters of the past. Blowfish Studios is hoping to revitalize these once-iconic giants with Gunscape, a shooting and building hybrid that promises to blend the fun of FPS with the creative relaxation of Minecraft-style creation.

There have been a lot of Indie additions to the gaming world that have attempted to create a “Minecraft with guns,” but most of them have followed a similar formula. Simply using a Minecraft-like shell and adding guns into the mix hasn’t been enough to really capture the attention of most gamers. Gunscape has shown a lot of promise because it is attempting to craft a release that fits within the genre but is definitely its own game. Graphically, it looks almost identical to the previously-mentioned shooters, with a few items and upgrades that give it a little bit of modern flair. The enemies, the weapons, even the movement are all Doom-esque in appearance. The difference lies within the backdrops, with some looking like they are geometrically-designed and constructed by blocks. (It is important to note that developers have added some items, pieces, and decorations that appear carved and curved.)

The focus on geometric design works hand-in-hand with Gunscape‘s creation tools. Rather than implement a mass of map creation tools that rely on complex engines and increased user knowledge, developers opted to use a Minecraft-inspired blueprint. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of block types in order to craft levels and arenas. You can even place down sliding doors (another nod to retro shooters) and floor traps. Spikes, security drones, pits, saw blades, and other hazards will be at your disposal. The end result allows you to piece together complex level designs and multiplayer showdowns for you and all your friends.

The creation aspects far exceed the norm with Gunscape. Developers are calling it the first game capable of cross-sharing between multiple platforms. You’ll be able to play Gunscape on PS4, Xbox One, WiiU, Windows, Linux, and Mac. This means that players from all over the world, regardless of platform, will be able to create maps and share them with one another. This is another reason that developers feel the Minecraft-inspired creation system would benefit the community more, as it allows players the ease of creation no matter what platform they may be playing from. Developers have also noted that you’ll be able to create your own single-player campaigns, complete with storylines. If you fancy yourself the game-designing type but don’t yet have access to more of the complicated tools on the market, Gunscape could be a great starting point to show off your creativity and skills.

Maps have four different categories so far: cooperative, single-player, team-based, and free-for-all (FFA). As a creator, you have the freedom to fill your map with as many weapons, traps, and power-ups as you like, and it’s up to you to decide how many monsters inhabit your level. You can even choose to add monsters to a player-versus-player affair to up the danger and create hectic FFA modes. There are a lot of different ways you can spin your creation in Gunscape, and developers are hopeful that by giving players the necessary tools, their release can grow into a mammoth playground of user-created content.

Gunscape should be available on five platforms starting on March 2nd, with a Wii-U release date set for sometime in the second quarter of this year. In its current projected form, the release will allow up to 20 players simultaneously online, and up to 8-player local splitscreen from the same device. If you’re itching to check out the action right now, you can grab an early access for free from the dedicated website, and from the Steam platform.

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Written by Russ Boswell

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