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ArcheAge, The New Kind Of MMO

ArcheAge, The New Kind Of MMO

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ArcheAge the MMO from Korean developer Jake Song (formerly at Lineage), will be published in the west by Trion, the company behind Rift– a very successful free-to-play MMO.

ArcheAge will be very different then the traditional MMO, from player housing, to creating your very own farm, to a player driven economy. The game will also have many unique features from naval combat!

In ArcheAge the player can start by building their own farm and harvesting crops, but every farm in Archeage needs a Scarecrow. The Scarecrow will make it so that other players can not harvest or plant crops on your farm. Two sizes of farm can be earned through quests: sizes 8×8 and 16×16. A more advanced type of farm is the Aqua Farm, which can be built under water! For these farms the Scarecrow is replaced with a central air supply that allows the player to replenish their lungs and stay under water longer. In Aqua Farm, players can harvest corals, kelp, and shells– all which they couldn’t grow with the basic farm.



There are five type of houses, ranging from small to mansion. Houses are bought as deeds from Mirage Island where you can take a tour of life size demo houses!

As mentioned, ArcheAge is driven by a player economy. Players can learn professions that will let allow them to craft galleons, castles, homes, and many more types of goods to sell and trade with other players. You can transport goods you will sell through sea to support your friends, but not without the dangers of pirates on the open ocean! The ocean is a very dangerous (although beautiful) aspect of the game with unexpected turns of events.

Naval combat is one of our favorite features being brought to ArcheAge. You can brave the high seas, controlling entire armadas to secure trade routes, or venture across the waters as a pirate! Be warned though, enemy ships are not the only danger in the ocean– dangerous sea monsters can lurk below. You can be in a hair raising battle with an enemy player when suddenly, a giant creature with tentacles bursts from the ocean depths and joins in the fray! Sounds exiting doesn’t it? The sounds of cannons and splashing water will create an atmosphere any gamer will love.

ArcheAge also offers a unique style of world changing pvp: you and your guild can raise an empire and lay waste to enemy players that threaten precious trade routes throughout your land. You can even craft deadly siege engines to bolster your offensive. Sieges are a type of pvp game in ArcheAge where 100 players on each side fight it out for control over enemy castles. When a siege commences fleet attacks and siege machines can also be used to devastate enemy sides.

Strategy and teamwork– on all fronts of the game mode– play a key role in victory.

Another system is the law system. In ArcheAge you can commit crimes and even be sent to prison for them, but not without a fair trial first. You will stand before a judge and court for your wrong doings, and if proven guilty, you will be sent to prison. While in prison you can engage in activities to pass the time, from prison soccer, to working out, to football!


But if you are feeling risky you can plan a break out! But if you are sent to jail too many times, you may be labeled a pirate.

ArcheAge has many more fun things to do from fishing to soaring around the beautiful world of Origin on your very own glider or exploring all 100 classes that stem from 10 awesome skill sets you can even combine up to any three skill sets to make a unique class that starts at level 10. This is sure to keep a lot of people busy exploring what type of character they will enjoy to play! Archeage is now in alpha state and you can sign up for the beta now!

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Written by Ashley Good

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