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2014 Most Anticipated Games Part I

2014 Most Anticipated Games Part I

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We still have a long way to go until we reach the end of 2014, and the potential for new game announcements is always looming, but many developers have already exposed their future plans. We expect to see the slew of normal releases like, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, Assassin’s Creed, Pokemon, and the Madden sports series, but there are quite a few titles dropping this year that have the potential to become sleeper hits.

Titanfall (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC)

Titanfall is a futuristic FPS, and the first title from Respawn Entertainment. This upcoming release blends together gameplay from titles like Tribes, Call of Duty, and Armored Core. Massive mechs trample their way through battlefields as foot-soldiers eliminate each other amidst the chaos. Titanfall is fast-paced and acrobatic, allowing players to vault, wall run, double jump, and dash their way through a variety of obstacles.


Players will have the ability to pilot their own mechs and can make use of a variety of weapons, abilities, and special powers to help them excel through the ranks to Titanfall super-stardom. This game features a multiplayer-only environment, complete with enemy players and A.I. units. The matches may only be 6v6 at their roots, but trust us when we say there is enough mayhem to make you feel like you’re part of large scale battle.

Release: March 11th


Daylight (PS4, PC)

Daylight centers around a woman who awakes in an abandoned hospital with no recollection of how she got there. You’ll control the protagonist from a first-person perspective, giving you a front row seat to all of the potential terrors that await. This title will follow the same general gameplay rules as games like Amnesia: Dark Descent and Outlast, heeding you to take great caution when exploring and forcing you to cram yourself into hiding places when enemies are present. Your only light source is a cellphone, which also acts as a multitude of other tools and resources. You’ll have to use your wits to escape baddies in this title, since you can’t simply riddle them with bullets.


What makes this game even more impressive is its use of procedural worlds. Zombie Studio’s states on its website that the game can be played through multiple times, with an ever changing map layout full of morphing experiences and encounters. In short, no two experiences will ever be alike, giving this title an impressive amount of replayability.

Release: April 8th


Fable Legends (Xbox One)

Lionhead Studios may have their hands full with this ambitious project. Fable Legends may share a name with the iconic franchise but it’s expected to be an entirely new experience. At its roots, Legends is much closer to a dungeon crawler than the fate-spinning action RPG we have come to love. The universe will revolve around “massively multiplayer towns” or hubs, where players can interact with one another, purchase items, develop characters, or interact in mini-games. When it comes time to jump into an actual quest though, levels will contain maximum of 5 players.


Four players will make up the protagonists, while one lone player will act as a villainous dungeon master. The DM will come stockpiled with minions, traps, boss monsters, and other tricky tools to aid him or her in their evil quest to stop the main party from progressing towards their objective. DM’s will receive special units, powers, and abilities as the quest progresses. Players who decide to fight for good will have the upgrade their hero’s and unlock additional skills and will-powers. So far, we’ve seen the introduction of a paladin-like character, a dashing rogue, a will-sorcerer, and a marksman.

Release: TBA


The Elder Scrolls Online (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

Bethesda fans have been waiting for this release for a long time now, with so much secrecy surrounding a closed beta in which gamers agreed to a non-disclosure agreement to participate. The Elder Scrolls Online is just what it sounds like, all of the first-and-third-person non-stop RPG action of games like Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim wrapped up into a sizable MMO package.


Players will create their own character from a variety of TES races and join one of three separate factions that are vying for control of the land of Tamriel. The Aldmeri Dominion, The Daggerfall Covenant, and The Ebonheart Pact come complete with their own separate faithful races, and players will get to choose from four classes: Templar, Dragon Knight, Nightblade, and Sorcerer. The title focuses between exploring, a unique storyline, real-time PVP, and side-questing. You’ll be able to pick locks and loot items from a variety of places, but will always be subject to player-killing from any rivaling factions. This gives the title a sense of danger and urgency at every twist and turn.

Check back next week for Round II.

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Written by Russ Boswell

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