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Lego Games That Should Exist

Lego Games That Should Exist

Filed inside: Editorial

We’ve been having a blast with the newest entry into the Lego series of titles, Lego Marvel Super Heroes. As such, we’ve been perusing our favorite franchises for other Lego games we’d like to see happen.

We chose our titles not only for their notoriety, but how well they would fit within the multiplayer, kid friendly series. It’s worth noting that all Lego titles tell their story mainly through visual cues and lack any sort of dialog to help it along. As such memorable characters and storylines are all important but must also remain true to the source material to avoid losing focus.


Back to the Future – Out of all the franchises on our list, we could see this actually coming to fruition sooner than any other on our list. The adventures of Marty and Doc would transcribe into the Lego formula with ease, but honestly we just want a hoverboard. The well defined rolls each cast member played so well from the beloved trilogy would blend seamlessly into the Lego dimension. Our only concern would be the lack of playable characters due to it’s one perspective throughout the movies. Even if the liberties that would need to be taken with the iconic storyline we would still play the hell out of this.


Doctor Who – If the prospect of zipping around time and space in your very own Lego Tardis doesn’t sound appealing you need to check your pulse. The Doctor and his companion’s adventures would have a wide, lasting appeal as a series of Lego titles. Plus, maybe Lego would finally release an actual Lego Tardis in their line of buildable toys. It’s variety of supporting characters would tickle our nostalgia bone for what could be numerous entries of the series. I wonder how many sequels they could churn out with roughly 35 years of source material?


Hunger Games – There’s no denying that the Hunger Games trilogy has taken the world by storm. Even though the books have been out for some time now, we wouldn’t expect to see this title until the trilogy of films are complete. The Hunger Games would be a perfect fit here due to it’s cast of memorable characters, varying environments and compelling storyline. While some of the more violent aspects of the story may be a little too twisted for kids, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a release riding on the coattails of it’s theatrical counterpart.


Transformers – This union would basically be pitting rival toy companies into the same arena, but we all agree that Transformers Lego game would be sheer joy. We’re talking original 80’s animated Transformers here… sorry, Michael Bay. A large amount of varied characters from the Transformers Universe would suit the multiplayer aspect perfectly. Since each character can take two forms with varying capabilities, Lego Transformers would provide gameplay elements unique to the series while maintaining it’s core principles.


Powerpuff Girls – While there was some debate that almost any cartoon would make for a great Lego game, we felt like Powerpuff Girls was a good exception.While traditionally up to four players per title the idea is still a strong one. I suppose we’ll wait and see if the franchise rebirth has any bearing on it’s Lego stature. Developers please take note: we request a deathmatch mode of tag in a fully destructible massive townsville environment.


Jurassic Park – We have every desire to watch a T-Rex thrash an occupied port-o-potty while Lego coins fly hither and thither. Regardless of whether the perspective of the game was from the dinos, or the tasty, tasty Lego people, we’d easily shell out our dollars for this. Ideally we’d like to see a sandbox island for our Lego heroes to explore in red and grey Jeeps, while tranquilizers and stun guns fend off Legosaurs. We’re serious about player controlled Legosaurs too.


Star Trek – With an iconic cast of characters and an almost endless amount of source material, we could see Lego producing more than a handful of Lego Star Trek titles via its many iterations of the series. Ship to ship battles, away team missions, and computer mini-games would all suit the Lego series very well. While all of this is quite exciting to speculate on, in the end we just want a Lego Captain Picard to control. Cue the memes.


Men In Black – Agents in black, aliens, futuristic weapons, transforming vehicles vehicles and de-neuralizing the memories of those who are privy to them. The movies themselves feature plenty of thrills which would work well within the Lego formula, especially with co-op. One interesting aspect is the lack of a defined set of “rules” within the M.I.B. universe which could potentially lead to a huge amount of relevant content.

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Written by Bill Hawken

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