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Great Alternate Video Game Soundtracks on Spotify

Great Alternate Video Game Soundtracks on Spotify

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Sometimes a game can be great but the soundtrack just doesn’t quite cut it. More often than not, certain games we play can call our musical taste into question by those around us.  In situations like these it’s nice to have some options available. Luckily there are several at your fingertips. While you will receive ads every few tracks unless you’re a premium member,  the wide variety of great scores available for free on spotify make it bearable. With so much attention on the modding community for making good games better, it’s a wonder why using alternative scores isn’t widespread as you’d think.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for new titles to add to the list. If you’re feeling brave you can put the entire playlist on shuffle while in-game for some unexpected moments. We’re pretty sure Dead Space adds tension to pretty much any title you play it with.

Bastion Original Soundtrack

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Original Game Soundtracks)

Dead Space

Dead Space 2

Gears of War 2 (The Soundtrack)

Halo: Original Soundtrack

Halo 3: Original Soundtrack

Lord of The Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth

L.A. Noire Official Soundtrack

Mirror’s Edge Original Videogame Score

Mass Effect: Original Soundtrack

Mass Effect 3

Red Dead Redemption Original Soundtrack

Silent Hill: Homecoming

Super Meat Boy -Official Special Edition Soundtrack

Ideally we’d like to keep this list up to date so if you find any we missed leave a comment below and we’ll credit your discovery on our list.

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Written by Bill Hawken

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